Individual Therapy

Something doesn’t feel right.

Life places demands on your time – with your job, family, responsibilities outside the home, or other commitments that rob you of time for yourself.

Perhaps, you set goals but lack the initiative or encouragement for accomplishing those goals. That lack of motivation keeps you spinning in circles.

A meaningful relationship seems out of your reach.

Nobody takes what you say seriously – causing you to seek shelter in silence.

Past events may have left you emotionally overwhelmed. Now, anxious feelings, being depressed, or not sleeping seem normal.

Therapy provides an objective and thoughtful relationship with someone who can help you address a range of problems, even when you can’t put your finger on the exact cause for why you feel like you do.

Trust is the key ingredient for effective therapy.

Individual therapy can be one of the most intensely personal relationships you’ll experience – if you have the right therapist. The foundation of the counseling relationship is trust.

We realize that during the first appointment, typically what’s called the intake assessment, you assess us more than we are assessing your history, symptoms, and developing goals for therapy.

You’re trying to figure out, “Can I trust this person? Will they care about my well-being and progress? Does this person have the knowledge and skills to help me?”

With us, the answer to those questions is “YES.”

The proper connection starts the transformation.

Those magically profound moments in therapy occur when we make an emotional connection, and progress happens. Those moments are why we’re doing this.

Connecting can be profound – other times, making the connection is more gradual and subtle.

Regardless, making that ultimate connection is an incredibly humbling and energizing experience.

Looking for help is the first step toward growth.

Whatever brought you to this page is ultimately your key to progress.

The willingness and motivation created by your suffering or painful life circumstances is the driving force behind your progress.

Mental and emotional pain is a gift to move you toward growth. But you must take advantage of this moment. Otherwise, you’ll slide back into complacency, rationalizing, doubting, and justifying your feeling stuck.

Let’s get to the heart of what’s bothering you.

As therapists, we love making the connection and gaining your trust.

Psychotherapy is like an intricate dance resulting in helping people. We like to dance and have a knack for making the right moves, which allows you to feel good about yourself and your life.

You can change your life. We can help that happen. Reach out to us.

We want to make a connection and start gaining your trust.