About Edgar-Gray Counseling

Stop searching; you found the right site!

Seeking counseling requires exploring, reading, and searching through a maze of online profiles and websites. This search can become an agonizing process that creates more questions than answers.

Fortunately, you’ve found your answer. We are a group of talented, experienced therapists who offer solutions for creating a process of fundamental change.

Counseling is not a paint-by-the-numbers.

Counseling is an art, something of a calling to be truly effective as a therapist. We are each gifted to understand our clients intuitively and create a meaningful, transformative experience.

Across our careers, we have worked with literally thousands of clients. There is no substitute for that type of rich, diverse experience. That experience has created a network of “grassroots” referrals based on recommendations by other clients.

Are you ready for recovery?

We love working with people who genuinely want to change themselves and their lives – people who have broken through the denial of rationalizing and justifying and are ready for recovery.

We will put in the hard work and help make that happen for clients who meet us halfway. The pain you’re experiencing, the conflict and struggle that led you to see this page will be key to your healing.

Your desire to heal will create the motivation to dig deep to find the core issues under the surface level of behavior, thoughts, and feelings that are the key to long-term progress.

Our clients are tremendous, awesome people.

The trauma and suffering have often been unimaginable. Yet, they persevere and move toward fulfillment, experiencing contentment, learning to be the person God intended. We are honored to lead that process.

We list each of our cell numbers in the following section. If you feel led to contact us, call or text. If you call and get a voicemail message, please leave a message.

We can schedule an initial free phone consultation.

We can begin this journey of healing and change.